Spanish Courses

Spanish Courses
Like other language programs at Bard, the Spanish Studies program offers an immersion format that allows students to complete the equivalent of two years of language study within just a few months. If you are new to Spanish, you will take the Spanish Intensive, and 8-credit-hour course at Bard, followed by a month abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico. You will then take Spanish 201 or 202 at Bard, followed by introductory courses in literary studies in Spanish. If you have some previous experience with Spanish, we will place you in the appropriate level so that you can continue to develop your skills.

Spanish Language Sequence

Current Course List (click here)

  • 106 Basic Intensive Spanish (OR 110 Accelerated First-Year Spanish)
  • 201 Intermediate Spanish I
  • 202 Intermediate Spanish II

Sample Courses (taught in Spanish)

  • 220 Hispanic Presence in the United States
  • 221 Literature, Film, and Theater in Spain’s Transition to Democracy
  • 229 Travelers, Gypsies, and Tricksters: 19th-Century Spain
  • 230 Latin American Short Narrative
  • 234 / Film 234 Buñuel, Saura, Almodóvar: Spanish Auteurs
  • 235 The Moral of the Story
  • 236 Representations of the Spanish Civil War
  • 240 Testimonial Literature
  • 265 Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • 301 Introduction to Spanish Literature
  • 302 Introduction to Latin American Literature
  • 319 Federico García Lorca
  • 323 / Literature 323 The 20th-Century Latin American Novel
  • 334 Introduction to Central American Literature
  • 344 Love, Honor, and Power in the Spanish Drama
  • 352 Mapping the City in Latin American Literature
  • 353 Contemporary Spain: Literature, Film, and Culture
  • 357 Writing Toward Hope: The Literature of Human Rights in Latin America

Sample Related Courses (taught in English)

  • LIT/Span 2027 Introduction to Latin American Poetry
  • LIT/Span 2261 Blurring the Boundaries: Magical Realism in World Literature
  • LIT/Span 245 Is the Author Dead?  Haunted by the Ghost of Cervantes